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import datetime
import pandas as pd # type: ignore
from ..interfaces import DataBroker, CandlesProperties
class Backtest(DataBroker):
Backtest Broker
def __init__(self, f_name: str, start: int = 0, **kwargs) -> None:
"""Read the csv file and store it into a dataframe"""
super().__init__() = self._prepare_data(f_name, **kwargs)
self.dates =[0]
self._date0 = self.dates[0]
self.step = self.calc_step()
self._cursor = start
self.start = start - 1
def calc_step(self) -> datetime.datetime:
return min(self.dates[i] - self.dates[i - 1] for i in range(1, 10))
def cursor(self) -> datetime.datetime:
return self.dates[self._cursor]
def change_rate_history(self) -> pd.DataFrame:
def _prepare_data(f_name: str, **kwargs) -> pd.DataFrame:
data = pd.read_csv(f_name, index_col=[0, 1], parse_dates=True, **kwargs)
data.fillna(method="ffill", inplace=True)
return data
def properties(self) -> CandlesProperties:
"""Return the properties of the candles for this broker."""
return CandlesProperties(period=self.step)
def current_change(self) -> pd.DataFrame:
"""Return the current change for each money."""
def __iter__(self) -> "DataBroker":
"""Initialise the iterator."""
self._cursor = self.start
return self
def __next__(self) -> pd.DataFrame:
"""Next values.
Return the dataframe of all stock history for the strategy / indicators.
DataFrame: Time-Stock valuated candlestick data.
For each time and each stock give (high, low, open, close).
self._cursor += 1
return[(self._date0,) : (self.cursor,)].copy # type: ignore
except IndexError:
self._cursor -= 1
raise StopIteration
def __len__(self) -> int:
return len(self.dates) - self.start