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One script to rule them all, One script to find them,
One script to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
import pandas as pd
from .interfaces import Portfolio, Strategy, Broker, Predictor
class Bot:
"""the main class"""
def __init__(self, ptf: Portfolio, strategy: Strategy, broker: Broker, predictor: Predictor):
"""initialize the bot"""
self.ptf = ptf
self.strategy = strategy = broker
self.predictor = predictor
self._current_conversion_rate = None
self._balance = 0 # USD$
def run(self):
"""run the bot"""
def run_once(self):
"""run the bot once"""
data =
self._current_conversion_rate = data.iloc[-1].fillna(0).to_dict(), self.predictor.predict(data), self._current_conversion_rate)
def print_results(self):
"""print the results"""
for k, v in self.ptf.content().items():
print(f"{k}: {v:e}")
def balance(self):
money = 0
for k, v in self.ptf.content().items():
money += self._current_conversion_rate[k] * v
return money