a cow based x86_64 operating system, using limine and stivale2
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#include "common.h"
u16 _cs(void);
u16 _ds(void);
u16 _ss(void);
u16 _es(void);
u16 _fs(void);
u16 _gs(void);
2 years ago
uint64_t get_rflags(void);
uint64_t get_cr0(void);
uint64_t _cr2(void);
2 years ago
void _cr3(uint64_t cr3);
2 years ago
uint64_t get_cr4(void);
2 years ago
void set_rflags(uint64_t rf);
void set_cr0(uint64_t cr0);
void set_cr4(uint64_t cr4);
2 years ago
2 years ago
#define IA32_EFER_MSR 0xC0000080
2 years ago
uint64_t read_msr(uint32_t addr);
uint64_t write_msr(uint32_t addr, uint64_t value);
#endif// REGISTERS_H