a cow based x86_64 operating system, using limine and stivale2
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#pragma once
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
struct stivale2_struct_tag_memmap;
// init the physical allocator with the stivale2 memory map
// first phase of initialization:
// suppose that all the addressable memory is identity mapped
void init_physical_allocator(const struct stivale2_struct_tag_memmap* memmap);
//linked list element representing a 64 MB memory region
struct physical_allocator_data_page_entry {
void* physical_address;
uint64_t reserved[2];
// the physalloc / physfree functions require these
// pages of every range to be mapped accordingly to the
// vmap.h specifications:
// physical_address should be mapped to physical_address | 0x
// size: the number of entries in the returned array
const struct physical_allocator_data_page_entry*
physical_allocator_data_pages(size_t* size);
typedef void (*PHYSALLOC_CALLBACK)(
uint64_t physical_address,
uint64_t virtual_address,
size_t size);
void physalloc(size_t size, void* virtual_addr, PHYSALLOC_CALLBACK callback);
// alloc a single physical page
// without mapping it or anything
uint64_t physalloc_single(void);
void physfree(uint64_t physical_page_addr);
// return the number of available pages in the system
int available_pages(void);
// return the pages in the system
int total_pages(void);