a cow based x86_64 operating system, using limine and stivale2
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#pragma once
#include "../assert.h"
#define EI_NIDENT 16
typedef struct ehdr {
uint32_t magic; // 0-3 Magic number - 0x7F, then 'ELF' in ASCII
uint8_t arch; //1 = 32 bit, 2 = 64 bit
uint8_t endianess; //1 = little endian, 2 = big endian
uint8_t header_version; //ELF header version
uint8_t abi; // usually 0 for System V
uint8_t unused[8]; //
uint16_t type; //1 = relocatable, 2 = executable, 3 = shared, 4 = core
uint16_t isa; //Instruction set - see table below
uint32_t version; //ELF Version
uint64_t program_entry; //Program entry position
uint64_t phdr_offset; //Program header table position
uint64_t section_hdr_offset; //Section header table position
uint32_t flags; //Flags - architecture dependent; see note below
uint16_t ehdr_size; //Header size
uint16_t phdr_entry_size; //Size of an entry in the program header table
uint16_t phdr_table_size; //Number of entries in the program header table
uint16_t section_table_entry_size; //Size of an entry in the section header table
uint16_t section_table_size; //Number of entries in the section header table
uint16_t section_names_index; //Index in section header table with the section names
} __attribute__((packed)) ehdr_t;
struct phdr {
uint32_t p_type; //Type of segment
uint32_t flags; //Flags
uint64_t p_offset; //The offset in the file that the data for this segment can be found
uint64_t p_addr; //Where you should start to put this segment in virtual memory
uint64_t undefined; //Undefined for the System V ABI
uint64_t p_filesz; //Size of the segment in the file
uint64_t p_memsz; //Size of the segment in memory
uint64_t p_align; //The required alignment for this section (must be a power of 2)
} __attribute__((packed)) phdr_t;
#define PT_NULL 0
#define PT_LOAD 1
#define PT_DYNAMIC 2
#define PT_INTERP 3
#define PT_NOTE 4
#define PT_SHLIB 5
#define PT_PHDR 6
#define PT_LOPROC 0x70000000
#define PT_HIPROC 0x7fffffff
egment types: 0 = null - ignore the entry;
1 = load - clear p_memsz bytes at p_vaddr to 0, then copy p_filesz bytes from p_offset to p_vaddr;
2 = dynamic - requires dynamic linking;
3 = interp - contains a file path to an executable to use as an interpreter for the following segment;
4 = note section. There are more values, but mostly contain architecture/environment specific information, which is probably not required for the majority of ELF files.
Flags: 1 = executable, 2 = writable, 4 = readable.
static_assert_equals(sizeof(ehdr_t), 64);
static_assert_equals(sizeof(phdr_t), 56);