a cow based x86_64 operating system, using limine and stivale2
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[extern irq_common_handler]
; macro argument: irq number
%macro create_irq 1
[extern _irq_handler%1]
; already pushed stuf:
; uint64_t RIP;
; uint64_t CS;
; uint64_t RFLAGS;
; uint64_t RSP;
; uint64_t SS;
; enter stack frame
push rbp
; save stack pointer
; save frame pointer and enter stack frame
mov rbp, rsp
; save rax
push rax
mov al, byte %1
jmp common_stub
create_irq 32
create_irq 33
create_irq 34
create_irq 35
create_irq 36
create_irq 37
create_irq 38
create_irq 39
create_irq 40
create_irq 41
create_irq 42
create_irq 43
create_irq 44
create_irq 45
create_irq 46
create_irq 47
create_irq 48
; clear DF flag
; DF need to be clear on function
; entry and exit (System-V ABI)
; save context
; we already saved rsp, rbp, rax
; here, al = the irq handler number
push rcx
push rdx
push rbx
push rsi
push rdi
push r8
push r9
push r10
push r11
push r12
push r13
push r14
push r15
; load kernel data segment
mov di, 0x10
mov ss, di
; put the irq handler number in dil: the
; argument for the irq_common_handler function
mov dil, al
; beginning of the interrupt stack = beginning of
; the context structure
mov rsi, rsp
call irq_common_handler
; restore the context
; this function only returns
; if no rescheduling is done
pop r15
pop r14
pop r13
pop r12
pop r11
pop r10
pop r9
pop r8
pop rdi
pop rsi
pop rbx
pop rdx
pop rcx
; load target ss into rax
mov rax, [rsp + 40]
mov ds, ax
mov es, ax
pop rax
pop rbp