Create a website from a json.
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Create a sample website from a json. Read the config.json file to configure the website.

How to add my website ?

  1. Fork this repository.

  2. Add this json in the config.json file.

        "url": "",
        "image": "./static/TODO.png",
        "name": "TODO",
        "description": "TODO"
  3. Add the image in the static folder.

  4. Commit and push.

  5. Create an MR on the master branch.


Images are located in static. They should be in .webp or .svg format.

Dimensions must fit in a 272x272 square. You can resize all images using ImageMagick (it's probably installed by default on your Linux distribution) :

$ cd static
$ for i in `ls *.webp`; do convert $i -resize 272x272 $i; done