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// tcpserver: TCP/IP INET Server.
// (c) Eric Lecolinet - Telecom ParisTech - 2016.
#ifndef __tcpserver__
#define __tcpserver__
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <functional>
#include "ccsocket.h"
class TCPConnection;
class TCPLock;
/// TCP/IP IPv4 server.
/// Supports TCP/IP AF_INET IPv4 connections with multiple clients. One thread is used per client.
class TCPServer {
using Callback =
std::function< bool(std::string const& request, std::string& response) >;
/// initializes the server.
/// The callback function will be called each time the server receives a request from a client.
/// - _request_ contains the data sent by the client
/// - _response_ will be sent to the client as a response
/// The connection with the client is closed if the callback returns false.
TCPServer(Callback const& callback);
virtual ~TCPServer();
/// Starts the server.
/// Binds an internal ServerSocket to _port_ then starts an infinite loop that processes connection
/// requests from clients.
/// @return 0 on normal termination, or a negative value if the ServerSocket could not be bound
/// (value is then one of Socket::Errors).
virtual int run(int port);
friend class TCPLock;
friend class SocketCnx;
TCPServer(TCPServer const&) = delete;
TCPServer& operator=(TCPServer const&) = delete;
void error(std::string const& msg);
ServerSocket servsock_;
Callback callback_{};