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# Docker build script for Gradle applications
# The name of the application is specified by an argument, and the root
# directory of the Gradle project is expected to be the build context. The build
# process will build and install the application, and the default command will
# be to run it.
# Don't need an old JDK version here
# Just use it for consistency
FROM openjdk:8u171-alpine
# Copy the source tree into the container
WORKDIR /usr/local/src/
COPY . /usr/local/src/
# Build
RUN [ "./gradlew", "installDist" ]
# Downgrade so LDAP exploitation still works
FROM openjdk:8u171-alpine
# Name of the application
# Used for locating the install files
# Install
# The run script is renamed `app`
COPY --from=0 \
/usr/local/src/build/install/${APP_NAME}/bin/${APP_NAME} \
COPY --from=0 \
/usr/local/src/build/install/${APP_NAME}/lib/ \
# Default command is to run the application with no arguments
CMD [ "/usr/local/bin/app" ]