Keycloak PAM
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Keycloak PAM



The servers are the following:

  • keycloak : The authentication server
  • mysql : Backend storage for keycloak
  • serv1 : a simple server
  • serv2 : another server

The users are the following:

  • admin : admin user for keycloak
  • user1 : a user that can only access serv1
  • user2 : a user that can only access serv2
  • user3 : a user that can access both serv1 and serv2


Install Insomnia. Import the Insomnia.json file in your app. Go to the keycloak server and login as admin. Then go to the clients and export the Keycloak OIDC JSON from Installation tab into Insomnia envs.

Setup a server

We will virtualise servers using LXC.

lxc-create -t download -n serv1 -- --no-validate --dist debian --release bullseye --arch amd64

Now you can attach to it and install the dependencies:

lxc-start -n serv1
lxc-attach -n serv1 -- bash -c ' \
    apt update && \
    apt install -y git ansible && \
    git clone /root/SR2I204 && \
    cd /root/SR2I204/server/ansible && \
    ansible-playbook install.yml'

Then you can try to ssh :

lxc-attach -n serv1 ip a
ssh root@<ip>